Book Recommendation: “Hint Fiction”

Those of you who are familiar with my Flash Fiction writing know that I have an affinity for the ultra-short. Recently, I finished reading “Hint Fiction” by Robert Swartwood. This book is a collection of stories that are written in 25 words or less.

Throughout Short Tale Shrew blog posts, I’ve scattered various quotations from “Hint Fiction.” I believe this small, 188-page book hosts some of the greatest microfiction stories I’ve read. Check out/purchase “Hint Fiction” here. It’s available in both e-book format as well as paperback.

Be on the look out for a new contest springing up on Short Tale Shrew within the next week or so. This time, writers will submit based on a theme. The only additional “hint” I’ll give you is that it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on your skills in brevity. Reading “Hint Fiction” for inspiration is not a bad idea!

You may have noticed that Short Tale Shrew has gotten a tune-up. We’re now hosted at, and we have a layout that’s a little easier on the eyes. Thank you to all of our readers for the support! We’re looking forward to an exciting year.

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