Now accepting submissions! 2016 Spring Fever Microfiction

2016 Spring Fever Writing Award: Microfiction

Short Tale Shrew is now accepting submissions for their 2016 Spring Fever Writing Award! Please read and abide by the following rules:

The Contest: Here at Short Tale Shrew, we run quarterly contests centering on Flash Fiction. The 2016 Spring Fever Writer Award is Short Tale Shrew’s Flash Fiction writing contest for the spring season. Submissions will be accepted from February 18, 2016 until April 15, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. CT. The winner will be announced on April 22, 2016. A $5.00 entry fee is required alongside submission, and a minimum of 10 participants are required.*

This contest is centered on a theme. In keeping with the spirit of spring, all microfiction stories must be based loosely on the idea of “rebirth.” This could entail a literal rebirth, a spiritual one, or simply “rebirth” as a metaphorical concept. We don’t have any additional stipulations for content: simply incorporate the idea of rebirth in your story somehow.

The catch here is that we’re looking for the ultra-short microfiction. Submissions must be 100 words or less.

The Award: The winner of the 2016 Shrewd Writer Award will be selected by a panel of writers and artisans that work with Short Tale Shrew and announced on April 22, 2016. The winner will receive $50, and online publication of his or her Flash Fiction story. In addition to this, Short Tale Shrew will publish a short author’s bio, along with links to the author’s blog, Facebook Author page, Twitter, etc.

This contest is a great way for writers to hone their craft, increase their writing samples, get a byline, and create exposure for their artwork.

Submission Guidelines and Instructions: All submissions must be received by April 15, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. CT.
Up to three submissions are allowed per person, with each submission requiring a $5 entry fee.

Flash fiction stories must be 100 words or less. If a story exceeds 100 words, it will be disqualified.

Please submit all flash-fiction stories in a Word document attached by email to the following e-mail address:

At the time of submission, you must send your entry fee using one of the following secure methods:

  • You may send in your entry fee at the following secured PayPal link:
  • If you prefer, you can send money using Google Wallet by sending $5 to the following email address: (Under optional message, simply type your name and “Spring Fever 2016 Writing Contest”)


Your e-mail should include your name, e-mail address, and the title of your submission(s).

Stories should be submitted in an attached Word Document in 12 point, black Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial font. Line spacing must be double-spaced. Word count should be included in the Document’s Header, along with the title of the work.

DO NOT include your name or contact information in your Word Document! Submissions will be read apart from the writer’s information so as to promote impartiality.

What type of writing are you looking for?

All genres are encouraged without partiality. Excellent submissions in the past have varied stylistically, so don’t get hung up on mimicking somebody else’s writing style or voice. That being said, you can read the winning submission from our last contest here.

Although there is no “one right way” to write a microfiction story, there are certainly stories that do not accomplish their author’s goal. Great attention to your craft must be given to choose the perfect 100 words to tell your tale. Outstanding stories are insightful, witty and have an emotional impact on their readers. Let the great stories highlighted on, as well as our instructional blog posts and your own instincts as a writer serve as the guiding light for your storytelling.

Feel free to send any questions or concerns to
Until then, good luck and get writing!

*If an insufficient number of submissions are received by April 30, the deadline will be extended.  If, after the extended deadline, there is still an insufficient number of submissions received, all entry fees will be refunded in full.

15 thoughts on “Now accepting submissions! 2016 Spring Fever Microfiction

    1. If it is important to furthering the plot, deepening our understanding of a character, or the only word that can be used to express the emotion of the story, then yes, you can use any word you want.

      Rachel E.
      Short Tale Shrew Editor


  1. I seem to have crossed the cut off time by a few hours. I just came across the post and would love to submit an entry. Can I still post my submission. Looking forward to your response.


      1. Hello again! So, both and Google wallet are inaccessible/service unavailable from my region (India). If there’s any other way I could send in the entry fee, please let me know. I don’t want to miss the extended deadline. Thank you 🙂


      2. Vamshi,

        Unfortunately, at this time these are our only two methods of accepting payment. As compensation, however, if you send your story in, I will gladly provide you with some feedback on it, and give you advice on where you might find success in submitting it.

        Hope this helps,
        Daniel (Short Tale Shrew Editor)


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