Winner of our 2016 Spring Writing Contest!

All of us over here at the Shrew are very pleased to announce the winner of our 2016 Spring writing contest! The winner is Matt Wyles, with his flash In Microcosm? 

If you remember, the required subject matter was rebirth. Matt’s flash-fic took an oblique attempt at this, and succeeded swimmingly. His microfiction was intimate, yet ambitious. The story took on several layers of meaning that can only be truly appreciated with several reads. Matt’s story, to borrow a phrase from Rumi, didn’t contain a drop in the ocean, it was the entire ocean in a drop. Read on, and I’m sure you’ll agree.

In Microcosm?

“I’d rather be sleeping,” said John, sliding hangers back and forth, trying to find an appealing shirt.

Every day he left pieces of himself behind in his bed.

And the dust mites would eat them, as dust mites are wont to do.

He slid a t-shirt over his face, smearing his skin cells into the fibers.

He has left many impacts on the things in his life, sometimes too small to even be seen.

But they meant everything to those dust mites, who lived for generations, before he’d lay himself to rest


Is he still John, then?

About the Author:

Matt Wyles, New Jersey Native, is a 20-something college student that loves to write, then subsequently put it on the internet.

His blog The File Pile contains poetry and flash fiction dealing with a smattering of subjects, including but not limited to: astronomy, technology, biology, memories, and philosophy.

You can watch the mess grow at:


Before you go…

We had one other story that was so well done, I believe it’s worth not only an honorable mention, but also publishing on the Shrew. Her name is Bella Basura, and her story took a more literal look at rebirth.

Bella expertly set an intriguing scene by placing many prominent “rebirth experts,” in the same cinematic stage. Watch her work her magic below:

Film Night At The Rebirth Convention

The Delegates gathered, waiting for the ‘Samsara in Cinema’ event. Ouspensky sat broodingly alone, contemplating Ivan Osokin. A few rows behind him The Gautama and The Christ boisterously contrasted resurrection and soul-migration. In a hot-tub, left of the screen, naked therapists breath-worked their birth-traumas. Classically reincarnated deities – Mithras, Persephone, Taliesin, Vishnu, Baldur – sat rapt as the houselights dimmed. The crowded auditorium hushed as the diminutive figure of the Dalai Lama edged onto the stage. “My favourite film” He said simply. And the screen sprang into life, illuminating the film’s title “Groundhog Day”.

About the Author

Bella Basura  has self-published numerous pamphlets and 2 full novels over a span of some twenty-five or more years. She is name-checked in The Headpress Guide to The Counter-Culture, has her writing published in Headpress Journal, DreamFlesh 1, Cambridge Creates Anthology, Noveltly e-magazine and Silver Wheel Journal of British Witchcraft, and runs five websites which showcase and archive her fiction, short fiction, flash fiction, non-fiction and psycho-geographical writings. In 2015 she performed Granny Takes A Trip as part of Liminal Phases, a spoken word event in CB1 Cyber Café in Cambridge, the piece was shortlisted in the Soundwork Monologue Award 2015 later that year. She continues to perform her works at spoken word events.




5 thoughts on “Winner of our 2016 Spring Writing Contest!

  1. Hello Daniel Thank you so much for the honourable mention – I feel all chuffed! And thanks for printing the story – the exposure is always welcome.

    I have posted up on my Bella Basura Online about the competition – and of course your kind merits.

    Many thanks best of luck

    Jean Dark (Bella Basura) writer, bookbinder, blogger*bellabasuras*blog/

    *”don’t dream it, be it”*


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