MPWs, a Metric for Great Flash Fiction

In the past, we’ve discussed how Flash Fiction is narrative. As such, it must encapsulate all the components of a longer piece of fiction. Today, I’d like to look at an opposing- or perhaps a complementary -view. In David Shield’s ingenious book, “Reality Hunger,” he talks about Flash Fiction, or “short-shorts” as he calls them, … More MPWs, a Metric for Great Flash Fiction

Afternoon, Folks! As the deadline for our contest approaches, I thought I’d post a Flash Fiction story of my own for inspiration. I hope you enjoy this 110-word story! He’s A Stickler for Details There was one e-mail in my inbox. FROM: Coach Hansen. My throat tightened. My football coach was also my Sophomore English Teacher. In order … More

Flash Fiction Writing Contest- Now Accepting Submissions!

2016 Shrewd Writer Award: Flash Fiction Short Tale Shrew is now accepting submissions for their 2016 Shrewd Writer Award! Please read and abide by the following rules: The Contest: The 2016 Shrewd Writer Award is Short Tale Shrew’s Flash Fiction writing contest. Submissions will be accepted from Nov. 14, 2015 until Dec. 31, 2015 at … More Flash Fiction Writing Contest- Now Accepting Submissions!

Book Recommendation: ‘Daily Rituals’

I wanted to follow up our last blog post with a book recommendation. “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work” is a fantastic book in which author Mason Currey has compiled the rituals of 161 brilliant novelists, poets, playwrights, painters, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians. Among some of them are: Franz Kafka, Leo Tolstoy, Pablo Picasso, Charles Darwin, … More Book Recommendation: ‘Daily Rituals’

Writing Spaces

Writers are often known for their eccentricities. Tics, personal habits and odd rituals of writers and artists have all come under the scrutiny of many a biographer. It seems, at times, the one thing writers might have in common is their idiosyncrasies. An easy aspect many writers like to control is their work space.  Writers’ … More Writing Spaces

About Us

What is Short Tale Shrew? It’s often said that writing is a lonely profession. At Short Tale Shrew, we hope to make the world of writing a little less lonely. Short Tale Shrew is an online community designed with writers of Flash Fiction in mind. It is a place in which both beginners and seasoned … More About Us